Hello Cal-Star Families


Now that the Marin County schools have closed for 2 weeks I think its a good time to connect. I have spent the last 48 hours trying to sift through information on the virus and get opinions from my colleagues and mentors. I've also spent alot of time seeing what other gyms across California are doing and across the USA as well. Gym will be closed for all rec. classes and team practices. Mar. 16th-31st.

The decision to close for the next two weeks was a hard one. My first priority is to keep everyone safe and that is my sole reason for my decision.



We are working on creating a system of extended options for you to get your make-ups in once the situation is cleared. We are throwing around the idea for some additional Parents Nights Outs to our loyal customers. We are going to do our BEST to see everyone receives their usual number of classes and then something more.



Practices will be canceled starting immediately and through Mar. 31st. I cant express how this saddens my heart and how strange it will all be not seeing you every day. Any student is welcome to screen time me with a parent present over this two week period. Im sure Jan and Janine will make themselves available to if your child needs to speak with them.



I will continue to post updates here, by email and on our facebook page. 

I appreciate all the awesome love and support from all of you. You know you have mine as well. Please everyone stay safe and help educate those around you as there's so much challenging information, we are all learning something new every day. Be patient and practice kindness with one another.





Amber Myers

Cal-Star Gymnastics Owner 

Gym Philosophy

Whether a child's goals are to join the gymnastics team or take gymnastics classes alongside another sport to help develop the strength, flexibility and coordination, we challenge each and every child the same. Gymnastics lessons not only teach cartwheels and back handsprings but more important is the self-confidence, self worth and abilities to overcome obstacles along the way! We see this as our number one reason for anyone and everyone taking classes.

Coaching Staff

Cleared a thorough background check  |  USAG Instructor or Professional membership  |  Safesport certified | Cpr/ First Aid certified  |  USAG Safety certified  |  passed U100 Gymnastics course

In addition coaches earn continuing education credits through online courses, attending Gymnastics Congress and USAG clinics during the year. In-house training is provided by staff with over 20 years of coaching experience annually.

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