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Season 2 Tryouts Registration is now open!

What is All Star Cheer?

All Star Cheer is a high energy, team-based, performance sport that is athletic, artistic and acrobatic. It involves athletes competing with a routine composed of tumbling, stunting, pyramids, dance and cheer segments.

While some skills are individually developed, such as tumbling or dancing, partner stunts, pyramids and tosses require a great deal of teamwork and routines require synchronization and team uniformity.

All Star Cheer differs from traditional school cheer teams in that its primary purpose is competition, while school cheer involves crowd leading and other school roles, as well as the option for competition. All Star cheer teams are most often organized and based out of a club and have teams that are open to all area cheer athletes.

Teams are formed based on tiers for every ability level, from Novice to Elite. All Star rules are leveled based on progressions of skills commonly performed in cheer and are developmentally appropriate for the age of the competitor. Teams range from Level 1 to Level 7.

Full year teams is geared towards the most dedicated and motivated athletes. Talent and experience are not necessary to participate, hard work and drive is though. We go over uniforms, practice schedule and training, the competition calendar and financial commitment before you are placed on a team. We also offer half year teams for those looking for a more affordable plan to participate. Elite is most definitely for the ultimate training and competition experience. 


Prep & Elite Teams: 2-3 day practices


Novice-Level 1: approx. $200

Prep & Elite/Level 2-3: approx. $625



Novice: 2 competitions & 2 showcases

Level 1: 3 competitions & 2+ showcases

Level 2-3: 4 local competitions & 2 travel comps within Western region


*Comp schedule will be posted as soon as it's made available

Full Year Team Evaluations: Level 1-3: April 22nd 2023,

May 20th 2023, June 24th 2023

School Year Team Registration: Tiny Novice September

Tumbling 4 Cheer

(Tumbling) 55 min. class

Co-ed tumbling class covering basics thru advanced skills. Ages 10-17 yrs. Cartwheels, round-offs, front & back walkovers, front and back back handsprings, along with running and standing back tucks.

Flight School

(Stunt & Tumbling) 2 hr. class

Designed to increase their technique and flexibility, this class works with both beginner and intermediate techniques for flying skills, stretching and flexibility.  Athletes will also learn trampoline drills for cradles and baskets. Ages 13-17 years old welcome.

Our tumbling portion of the class covers cartwheel thru back handsprings and back tucks. We include regular strength training as part of the lesson plan to achieve these new skills in a progressive and safe manner. Ultimately this carries over to achieving the confidence to perform new skills.

2022-23 Competition Season

Please read the Parent Information packet before having your child evaluated and placed on a team. Our team contract is included and required to participate.


Currently Available Classes

* Cheer shoes are highly recommended and can be sized and ordered thru the gym with assistance from your cheer  coach.

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