Its Party Time!

Exclusive use of our 5,500 sq. ft. gym and two staff party specialists!

Yellow Highlighted Times are what is available.

The Party Basics

We do parties every Saturday and Sunday. Your HIGH ENERGY party will be packed full of ACTION and run 1hr. and 45 min. long for $325. The $325 will be your deposit and covers the first twelve participants not including the birthday child. The Birthday child is free and our guest of honor at the party! Each additional participant costs $15, payable at the end of the party.

Due to the popularity of birthday parties, the following applies: In the unfortunate case you need to cancel your party here, you are still responsible to pay ($325) for the time slot you have booked. If we rebook your party slot we will return your deposit in full. All party rescheduling must be done four weeks prior to your party date.

Our Extraordinary parties usually run as followed:

For the first hour all participants will be given the opportunity to do age appropriate activities throughout the gym. Some of our main attractions are the foam pit and the hurricane swing.

The swing is generally done after an hour and 15 to an hour and 20 minutes, with the final 20 minutes reserved for food and cake. 

This schedule is just a guide and usually varies from party to party, so your party will truly be original. Please feel free to speak with our office staff prior to the party date as well as our coaching staff the day of the event to go over any specific details.

We really want to make your party time as easy and fun as possible. For your convenience, we have allotted time in between parties so staff can have 15 min. before and after for setting up and packing up.

Extra party things you should know: 

Four standard size tables

Maximum of 24 party guests (kids)

Refrigerator for your use during your party

Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages. We do not allow any alcoholic beverages on the premises.
No one over the age of 13 yrs. old allowed to participate on equipment or gym related activities.

Tips are appreciated if you think your party hosts performed exceptional work!

Oh and to top it off...

Your Birthday child will receive a
Gymnastics Birthday gift from our
party staff!
- Party Time Favorites...
- Hurricane Swing
- Foam Pit
- Two Trampolines


All party guests MUST bring a signed waiver in order to participate! Waiver forms can only be completed and signed by a child's legal guardian.



1.  Party host can direct guests to our web page to print, sign and return the day of the party.

2. Party host can include waiver inside the invitations to be sent out.

3. We will supply extra waivers at the start of each party for those without a waiver.

Those without a waiver cannot participate!