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All participants are required to have an online waiver/release filled out by parent or legal guardian before participating or allowed to enter the gym, no exceptions! 

Saturday Night Power Play

Ages: 5 yrs.- 12yrs. old

Every Saturday

5:30pm- 8:30pm

* We are only allowing online registration in advance at this time. No drop-ins allowed.

Open Gym Rules:

No throwing equipment or rough housing.

Do not try new skills at open gym. Work on skills you know. 

To ensure a pleasant experience for all guests, we reserve the right to remove any guest who is exhibiting improper behavior (yelling/screaming/horseplay/fighting, etc.)

Morning Power Play

Ages:1 yrs.-5 yrs. old

Monday, Wednesday & Saturdays

 9:30am -10:30am 


10am- 11am & 11am- 12pm 

Caregiver or parent supervision required!​ Parents/Caregiver are NOT permitted to use the equipment at any time. Breaking this rule will lead to immediate removal from the facility. 

*One paid customer per visit can bring a child who is crawling (not yet walking) for FREE!

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