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Enrollment & Classes FAQ's


My child and I are new to gymnastics; what class do I register for?

Join a weekly gymnastics class appropriate for your child's age or request an evaluation by appointment. Evaluation's take approximately 15 minutes. Appointments can be arranged by phone or email.

How often does the class meet? Once a week is ideal for parents looking for something fun and healthy for their kids to do. Gymnastics makes a great compliment to improve performance in other sports. For the beginner or intermediate gymnast wishing to move up in a school year you are best to enroll twice a week. Learning gymnastics works best when muscle memory is receiving efficient time in the gym. Students need time to practice repetition of all class drills and progressions.

Are classes co-ed or separate girls and boys? All classes 5 and under are co-ed. Parkour classes, birthday parties and camps are co-ed as well. Classes 6 and up usually break up for boys to work Men's six olympic events and girls work Women's four olympic events. We are happy to accomadate everyone's personal needs.

Do I stay and watch class? Right now observation is from outside the gym and adults observing are asked to wear a mask when observing and practice social distancing. In our experience students ages 6 and up do best when not watched every class.

What is expected at drop off and pick-up? Please walk your child to the main gym door and pick up at the main gym door. Parking lot safety is an ongoing concern and kids should not be entering and leaving the gym unattended by an adult. Parents must wear a mask inside the gym and if standing outside in the parking lot. We truly appreciate your cooperation and in setting a good example set to children learning by observing our actions.

What should my child wear to class? Boys and girls can wear form fitting t-shirts that will not flip up and cover your child's face or tank tops in the summer for beginner classes. Leotards help girls feel they are dressing the part and help put them in the mind frame to learn gymnastics. All student's go bare foot or can purchase gymnastics slippers online. Hair should be pulled back and away from the face or covering the eyes. No gum or food allowed on the gym floor or in class. Students will also need a water bottle preferably with their name on it. A mask worn to, during and leaving class. We highly recommend your child brings a back-up mask to class. Masks break, fall on the floor or sometimes get wet or sneezed into.

When do I register my child? The great news is anytime! We pro-rate all new and returning members to recreational classes. 

How long do sessions last? Once you have registered enrollment continues into each successive month on an automatic, recurring  subscription basis. All class fees are based off approximately a four week month. Some months will include a 5th class and some only 3. It all balances out over the year.​ We do close for a week in December and a couple other holidays to give our coaches the needed rest time to keep them healthy and happy. Unenrolling is simple and can be done anytime during the year.

How do I unenroll my child? Written notice by email or a phone call must be received by the 25th of the month, in order for us to process your withdrawal request for the following month. No late withdrawal requests can be accepted. In most instances, current withdrawal requests are reviewed and completed within two business days. You will be issued an email reply confirming your withdrawal. Phone our office if you have not received an email reply after two business days.

Is this gym competitive? We do offer a competitive program for those seeking the additional challenge or striving for participating at the college level.

How do you deal with misbehavior in class? Our staff is trained to redirect students who are acting out or behaving inappropriately during class. However, if the behavior is putting others at risk the coach or instructor will ask the child to sit out of class for a short period of time. Bullying of any kind will be addressed immediately with the child, class and parents. 

How does the gym communicate while my child is enrolled in class? Our #1 form of communication is email. We use email to notify of upcoming holiday closures, class changes, account balances, etc.

In an emergency we will notify you by phone. Also, upates to our website and Facebook page.

Is there a registration or membership fee? Yes, a one-time fee for each child enrolled and is good until the child turns 18 yrs.old. The first child is $40, second child $30 and $25 for third child or more.

How are my child's classes billed? All members must keep a credit card on file. Cards are billed between the 1st & 5th of each month. If you prefer to pay by check or cash you must pay by the 25th of the prior month for the month being billed. 

How do I cancel a class? Email or call and notify us that you are dropping for the next month. We ask that parents try and give us a two week notice so we can try and fill that class spot. We understand kids are kids and life is complicated, so we try to accomadate last second drops. Please help us keep this customer friendly policy by giving as much advance notice as reasonably possible. You will be billed until we receive a notice or call that your child is dropping.

Are there late fees? If you are going to be late notify us and we will work with you. If you work with us we will work with you. Avoiding a past due payment without communication for 30 days will pause your child's enrollment until we work out a payment plan.

Do you offer private lessons? Yes, we do and private lessons can be great for many reasons. Privates are on a first come, first serve basis. To find the right private lesson teacher and schedule, please contact the office by email or phone call.

Scenario #1: Beginner student can sometimes feel the need to have a one on one lesson prior to their first class. Helps the child meet the teacher, get comfortable with the gym setting, introduce basic class terminology and familiarize a student with some skill basics that will be covered in their class.

Scenario #2: Student is excelling on floor skills but struggling in particular on bars (common scenario) and wants to possibly move up or build confidence in this particular area.

Scenario #3: Needs a back handspring because trying out for the cheer team next year or needs an aerial cartwheel and participates on a dance team. 

Can my child come to class if they are sick? We ask you keep your child home and we will provide your child a make-up class. Our number one goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy. We don't provide make-ups for vacations, play dates or other personal reasons. If we cannot find a make-up class we will offer a power play in place of a make-up class. If your child does miss a class for reasons other than being sick you can contact the office and see if we can offer a make-up class provided we have space.

We do request all make-up classes are scheduled within 30 days of the missed class.

Do you offer trial classes? First class is risk free! 100% free if you feel the class is not a good fit. We actually encourage you to try multiple classes the first week and only pay for the class that fits best for your child. For families new to Cal-Star, if you are not entirely happy after your families first month, Cal-Star Gymnastics will gladly refund 100% of your tuition for that month.



Do you have a referral program? Yes, we do! There is no limit to the number of referrals. Receive a $25 account credit for a single student or $50 if two or more students enroll from a single family you refer to Cal-Star Gymnastics. The referred customer must be a new customer. Current and past customers are not eligible as a referred customer. Referral credits are non-transferable and hold no cash value. To receive credit your name must be mentioned as the referring customer at the time the referred customer is enrolling their child(ren). A referral credit will be approved after the enrolling process is completed.



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