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The Junior Olympic Gymnastics Program

The Junior Olympic program was developed with the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. The program allows the gymnast to advance at her own pace. In order to compete in a sanctioned competition, an athlete must be a registered USA Gymnastics Athlete Member or Introductory Athlete Member (Levels 1-2 & Xcel).

A gymnast may compete in a maximum of two (2) State meets per competitive year (one per season), either at the same or higher Level.

The Women's Junior Olympic Program is divided into three major segments; developmental, compulsory, and optional. 

What is the Women's J. O. Program?
  1. The Developmental Levels 1 through 3 may be used as a non-competitive and achievement-oriented program for use within a gym's pre-team program, or they may be used as an introductory/recreational competitive program. States may offer State Championships for these levels.

    1. In-gym or inter-club testing.

    2. Equipment should accommodate the size of the gymnasts.

    3. Gymnasts must enter at Level 1, but may progress through the events and skills at different levels.

    4. Athletes may not skip any level (exception…Level 6 may be skipped, see below). They must advance one level at a time by scoring the minimum mobility score at any USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition (Exception: Levels 1-3 do not have a mobility score)

    5. A gymnast may not advance to Level 4 until she has completed the requirements as listed in the Entry & Mobility chart.

    6. Levels 1-2: Some states have an organized Level 1-2 competitive program with sanctioned event​​

2.  The second part consists of Compulsory Levels 4 and 5. Both of these levels are progressive in nature, building upon the skills required at the previous level. Competitive opportunities are provided up to and including the USA Gymnastics State Championships. 

  1. The third segment is the Optional Levels 6-10. Levels 6, 7, 8, and 9 have difficulty restrictions, while Level 10 has no restrictions in the skill choice Composition is evaluated at Levels 8, 9, and 10. Refer to the Jr. Olympic Code of Points for a complete explanation of Level 6-10 rules.

    1. Level 6 & 7 has competitive opportunities up to and including State Championships.

    2. Additional competitive opportunities are provided for Levels 8-10, with the Level 10 competitive season culminating at the Jr. Olympic National Championships, Level 9 at the Eastern or Western Championships and Level 8 at the Regional Championships.

Age/Entry Requirements and Mobility Scores Overview Chart



Minimum Age Requirement

Pre-requisite Scores

Previous Experience

Mobility Score to Advance to the Next Level

L. 1 - Reached 4th birthday/ None none
L. 2 - Reached 5th birthdayNone none



Reached 6th birthday-None None


Reached 7th birthday/75% proficiency at Level
1-3 on Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor

Level 4 *34.00 AA at sanctioned meet tomove to L5


Reached 7th birthday34.00 AA at Level 4

Level 5 or 6*32.00
Mobility back and forth between Levels 5 & 6 allowed


Reached 7th birthday/32.00 AA at Level 5/Level 6 or 7*32.00 AA at Level 6
Level 6 may be skipped if a 32.00 AA was achieved at Level 5


Reached 7th birthday32.00 AA at Level 5 or 6/Level 7 or 8*32.00 AA at Level 7
Ind. Event Specialist: 8.5 per event


Reached 8th birthday/32.00 AA at Level 7

Level 8 or 9*34.00 AA at Level 8
Ind. Event Specialist: 8.5 per event


Reached 8th birthday34.00 AA at Level 8

Level 9 or 10*34.00 AA at Level 9 to move to Level 10
Ind. Event Specialist: 8.5 per event


Reached 9th birthday

34.00 AA at Level 9

Level 10 or Elite*None

Professional Membership required of coaches


Members have the responsibility to aspire to the highest possible standards of conduct and must:

  • Prioritize athlete welfare. 

  • Faithfully complete USA Gymnastics membership requirements. 

  • Strive to maintain high standards and excellence.

  • Seek to increase proficiency levels through continuing education and in consultation with other professionals. 

  • Participation only at a level of the sport in which an individual is qualified and prepared for. 

  • Accept appropriate responsibility for one’s own behavior and report any unlawful or other inappropriate conduct of others

J.O. Special Requirements By Level


Level 2 Requirements

Level 3 Requirements

Level 4 Requirements

Level 5 Requirements
Level 6 Requirements

Level 7 Requirements

Level 8 Requirements

Level 9 Requirements

Level 10 Requirements

Cal-Star Team Parent Packet (New & Current students) Coming Soon!


Cal-Star offers this program to provide the ultimate challenge to its members. This information about the Junior Olympic program can help you decide whether it is the right program for your gymnast.


If you are interested, please contact the office for prices and program times.  Or you may contact Amber Myers, directly at

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