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The Party Basics

We offer parties every Saturday and Sunday. Your HIGH ENERGY party will be packed full of ACTION and run 1hr. and 30 min. for $395. The $395 will be your deposit and covers the first twelve participants not including the birthday child. The Birthday child is free and our guest of honor at the party! Each additional participant costs $15, payable at the end of the party.

The Saturday 3PM party can be extended 30 minutes for an additional $125. Please notify at the time of booking that you would like the additional 30 minutes. We cannot add additional time the day of the party or the week before.


Due to the popularity of birthday parties, the following applies: In the unfortunate case you need to cancel your party here, you are still responsible to pay ($395) for the time slot you have booked. If we rebook your party slot we will return your deposit in full. All party rescheduling must be done four weeks prior to your party date.


How our extraordinary parties usually run:

For the first hour all participants will be given the opportunity to do age appropriate activities throughout the gym. Some of our main attractions are the foam pit, Olympic string bed trampoline and the hurricane swing. Party coaches lead games and take special requests. Our trained experts will make sure your child's special day is unique and loaded with non-stop action! Our party music playlist is provided unless you request to use your own music playlist.


Note:This schedule is just a guide and usually varies from party to party, so your party will truly be original. Please feel free to speak with our office staff prior to the party date as well as our coaching staff the day of the event to go over any specific details.We really want to make your party time as easy and fun as possible.


For your convenience, we have allotted time in between parties so staff can have 15 min. before and after each party for setting up and cleaning. There is a total of 30 minutes between each party at Cal-Star. We cannot provide additional time beyond the 15 minutes provided for arriving to set-up your party. Our party staff will greet you upon your arrival to help carry in all items from the car and help with all the set up of any decorations and tableware.


Extra party things you should know:

There is a table dedicated for collecting gifts near the front door as your guests arrive. 


Maximum of 20 party guests (kids) at your party. Additional guests over 20 will need a third coach and advance payment of $180 for up to 24 guests. 


Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages. We do not allow any alcoholic beverages on the premises. 


No one over the age of 13 yrs. old allowed to participate on equipment or gym related activities. All the fun in the gym is reserved for participants ages 2-12 yrs. old. 


 Only two adults allowed at a time on the gym floor for taking photos, encouraging  the kids participation and viewing activities. Parties for children ages four years and younger may have one adult per child for supervision.


Tips are appreciated if you think your party hosts performed exceptional work!


Our two picnic tables seat 8 children each comfortably and use standard size rectangle party table cloths. We have a third table with folding chairs provided for parties with over 16 guests.


Please remember to bring matches for lighting candles and a knife to cut the cake.


Yellow high-lighted times are party slots available! Click the available time on the calendar to book your party.
Find the date and time of the party you're invited to attend as a guest and click on it. A registration form will appear and need to be signed by a parent or legal guardian. The waiver is required by all guests attending a party. This is ONLY necessary if you did NOT register at the time the host sent you an email link with their party invitation.
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